• Book, rather autobiography, written by blinking of the eyes; because the person can neither move his/her fingers, nor can he/she speak.
  • Narrative of a father whose son becomes quadriplegic because of a diving accident.
  • Narrative of a person who could not attend his mother’s last rites because he was suffering from supposedly contagious disease HANSEN’S’.
  • Narrative of a Noble Award winner in literature, about her mentally challenged daughter.
  • Narratives of children from across the globe, about their experience of disability.
  • Narratives of Indian children about their experience of disability.
  • Narratives of ……………………………………… people with disabilities of their experience of disability.


The books are:

  • I Raise My Eyes To Say Yes
  • Rescuing Jaffery
  • Living through Hansen
  • The Child Who Never Grew
  • What It’s Like to be Me
  • Multicoloured Wings

Have you even heard about these books, let alone read them?


Why this website:

Frankly, I love books and have a good collection of books, along with some rare books on disability collected from all around the world.   There are some books that are rich in information whereas others outline the history of the disability movement in the authors’ respective countries and then there are some books that narrate poignant human stories.

Talking to many fellow disabled friends and associates in the field of disability I came to know that almost all of them were (unaware) of some of the exquisite books written by disabled persons.

We firmly believe that the majority of population for which these books are meant for, should at least get a glimpse of them.


We happily look forward to your feedback/comments on these books or, others that you would like to recommend to us.


This website is dedicated to the indomitable sprits of millions of disabled persons who against all odds move on……………


ram goel