Multicoloured Wings

‘Beneath the surface’ isn’t the only book of this nature.  Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata, has also published a similar book ‘Multicoloured Wings’ which has writings, artworks of Indian children (mostly from around Kolkata) who use alternative methods of communication.

What strikes most is the SIMPLICITY.  There cannot be another word to describe the poems/essays.  All have emerged from the HEART, unspoiled by the materialistic world, Child like charm oozes out but at the same time it also shows the vast awareness of all the things concerning their lives, be it their rights, education, companionship, leisure, enjoying a vacation; it captures a plethora of human emotions. Aptly the book has been titled ‘Multicoloured Wings.’

Having Indian flavour, ‘Multicoloured Wings’ is closer to the heart and hence easy reading.  A book which should be read by maximum people possible working at least in the field of AAC.

It should be read by maximum number of people, more so by the non-disabled. That is the only way they will get to know and share the indomitable spirit of the youngsters who, fight hard to overcome the limitations posed by their disability, encounter life as a positive challenge and are determined to make the most of it.

Note: Gems from this book are reproduced for the benefit of our readers in Handibrowsing.

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