Multicoloured Wings

‘Multicoloured Wings’ has writings, artworks of Indian children (mostly from around Kolkata) who use alternative methods of communication. It is published by Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy, Kolkata.


You Came

You came like the southern breeze,

And filled my heart with peace.

You came like a blue moon,

And made me shine.

You came like an autumn cloud,

And I floated up with you.

You came like the hues of spring,

And coloured my heart.


 Our Rights

A lot of thoughts and feelings crowd my mind whenever I hear the words ‘Rights of the Disabled’.  I am a disabled person but with a success story to tell.

First of all, ‘rights’ does not only mean rights from our Government in the form of legislation.  Initially, a child’s rights develop within the home.  Children should be given enough encouragement and confidence right from childhood to express their views and opinions.  People should understand their form of communication and be patient with them, so that they can become confident in expressing themselves.  Especially when they grow up to be adults and attempt to claim their rights.

People with disability have to fight for their rights among the millions of those who are ‘able’.  So, unless the huge abled section of our country feel for us in the same way as the minute section who works tirelessly alongside us, I doubt whether we can really reach anywhere.

The abled population should listen to us and try to understand us.  Isn’t it time for them to help us so that we can help ourselves?  And live with dignity and pride like the rest of the citizens of our country?

Laws are being implemented to improve our country.  Lakhs of rupees are being used for many projects that do not affect us.  We often hear the words ‘twenty-first century’.  Shouldn’t we also be included in the plans for the country’s progress and development?

                                                -Sumita Sahu, 31 years

            As narrated in Bengali

The Heart

The heart longs to get closer to someone

It cries in vain if not given a chance

Hearing footsteps, it leaps up to dance;

Grows restless it there are none.


The heart craves for someone unknown

Diving into the ocean of love.

It celebrates the coming of someone

And mourns the farewell of a loved one.

-Shraddha Khator, 23 years

Translated from Hindi



We want our rights, we don’t need your sympathy

This is our entreaty to all people in society.

Think not of us just as persons with disability

Mother India’s children too are we.

Disability is no curse you know

Only the mad and the false think so.

Please don’t think only of our disability.

We too can win the world – if given the opportunity.

Masoodur Rehman, a disabled boy of valour

Swam the English Channel and won world-wide honour.

Dreams are dreamt by the disabled also

If you befriend them, this you too will know.

Talents galore within them are concealed

Which opportunities will help to reveal.

Give us the means to live in good health

Give us love and make us your own.

We too want to work for our country

You see, we are no different from anybody.

                                    -Sudipendu Dutta, 17 years

                  Translated from Bengali

 On A Rainy Day

A cloudy sky on a rainy day

And darkness all around.

Yet nature seems to me today

To be with beauty bound.


It’s raining all morning.

There’s water everywhere.

Yet even so the children

Are playing merrily out there.


While everyone is busy

Chatting and playing.

A knock on the door of my mind

Who is it, wanting to come in?


Let it drizzle, let it pour,

Let black clouds fill the sky.

A rainy day always

Gladdens this heart of mine.

-Subrata Kar, 25 years

Translated from Bengali

  Note:  This heart touching book can be read, in whole, at PDF section of the website.

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