Books are man’s best friends. They give him company equally in times of happiness as well as in times of distress. They are also one of the main sources of knowledge.

The dilemma is which books are to be collected. Should one go by the list on the internet and some perfunctory reviews or by the words of the mouth? Certainly best would be to go by the word of the mouth.

If you have just begun acquiring books for your library, then concentrate on collecting books that will be read over and over. Don’t worry about the number of books and size of your collection, as its better to have fewer books, rather than a vast collection that just lies on the shelves and gathers dust.

We observed quiet frequently that people in the field of disability are not aware of the good books that are available.

On the other hand, when we enquired from the authors about how many books of a particular title are usually printed and get sold, the number remains only in a few hundreds.

We were amazed to see that nobody interviewed was aware of such beautiful books. And as most of these books are rare and difficult to acquire, here at www.thedisabilitybooks.org, one can at least have a glimpse of them:  

HANDICARE gets many books on disability for its ‘Resource Centre’ from several countries. The books are rare, as their subject is specific, difficult to obtain in India and usually expensive by Indian standards.

But at the same time, some books are rich in information, others outline the history of the disability movement in the authors’ respective countries and some carry poignant tales of human stories.

We firmly believe that the majority of population for which these books are meant should at least get a glimpse of them.

www.thedisabilitybooks.org is an endeavour, of HANDIRESOURCE-National Disability Information cum Resource & research Centre under the aegis of HANDICARE-Indian association of Persons with Disabilities, in regard to popularize some very inspiring books for disabled persons, DPOs / NGOs and research scholars.